Air Quality & Environmental Testing

B. L. Griffin Co., Inc. offers a full line of Air Quality and Environmental Testing including Tank Monitor Systems Re‐Certification.

  • Tank Monitor System Re‐Certification
  • Overspill Container
  • Mechanical Line Leak Detector
  • Vaporless Manufacturing Inc. Leak Detector
  • Air Quality Source Testing
  • Veeder‐Root Canister
  • SB 989
  • Monthly Service Operator

All of our technicians are fully certified and are continually attending classes to further our education in the field. Our technicians also have the ability to make most repairs during the testing process. This means no additional return trips for repairs and no cost over‐runs. We also take care of all field reports and provide them to the implementing agency.

Our efforts remain focused on simplifying your responsibility to stay in compliance. Once in our database we will remind you of your re‐test date. We appreciate your business. Please give us a call for a quote at 530‐893‐3035 or you can email us at to schedule a test date.